Aaron has ten years of experience conducting master classes, workshops, and extended artist residencies in the literary and performing arts. Residencies, workshops, and master classes can be booked independently or in conjunction with a performance of No Lie or Shakespeare: The Remix. Workshops range in duration from an hour-and-a-half session to a semester-long project, and combine the study of master works with the creation of new student work. Residencies culminate in a student theatrical performance, staged reading, poetry café, slam, or chapbook publication.

The following workshops and residencies are appropriate for grades 6-12.

Exploring Diversity
Students confront their own identities and bias via theatre-based exercises. Participants generate poems and raps about their own identities, as well as small-group tableaus and dialogue exploring perceptions, and collectively create scenes dramatizing real-life experiences with diversity. More…

Hip Hop Theatre
Students work independently and collectively to create hip hop poems, monologues, improvisations, and scenes. They learn the basics of hip hop theatre, dramatic structure, song form, character, and beatmaking. They brainstorm scenes, improvise action and dialogue, and write raps for a collective hip hop play. More…

Poetry in the Classroom
Students learn to read, critique, write, and perform poetry – from stunning haiku, to Shakespearean sonnets, to intricate hip hop poems. Poetry in the Classroom taps into natural skills of self-expression and observation; hones creative, analytical, and critical thinking skills; and ultimately builds stronger writers, thinkers, and public speakers. More…

Poetry in the Hospital
Hospitalized teens explore their feelings and their world through poetry, hip hop, and theatre. Solo and group activities provide youth a direct and personal way to process and understand the hospital experience and illness, and provide a bridge connecting youth to their lives outside – capturing the other activities, people and places that make up who they are. More…

Shakespeare Remixed
Theatre games, acting exercises, and movement bring the Bard’s words to life as students play with and perform Shakespearean monologues, learn his language and rhythms, and write and share Shakespeare-inspired hip hop scenes. More…

Theatre as Social Action
Students collectively create a short play about a pressing social issue. Through group writing and improvisation, they create characters and scenes inspired by research, interviews, and the experiences of themselves and those they know. The project culminates in the performance of a collective script that challenges audience assumptions about the issue. More…

Teacher Training

Theatre in the Classroom
Classroom and after-school teachers learn theatre-based activities and games for students. Teachers become collaborators and leaders while teaching artists are in residence; and develop participatory, skill-enhancing theatre projects to use on their own in the classroom.

Race and Diversity for Teachers
Educators use theatre to challenge their experience with race in and out of the classroom. Teachers write, share, and stage personal stories of identity, immigration, and difference; role-play race-based situations from the classroom; brainstorm solutions; and learn to integrate these exercises into their teaching.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Through theatre, teachers and administrators learn techniques to improve parent-teacher relationships and parent-teacher meetings. Participants create problem-solving role-plays based on actual events; break down cultural, racial, and power dynamics in parent-teacher interaction; and step into an adversary’s shoes.

To learn more about any of these residencies or workshops, contact Aaron.

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