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With its combination of hip hop and narrative, and its courageous perspective on issues of race, No Lie is a unique educational tool for facilitating discussion on multicultural issues for adults and youth. More than fifty universities, high schools, middle schools, and theatres have used performances of No Lie, and accompanying talkbacks and workshops, to deepen student conversation and creative work around the issue of race.

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Diversity Workshops and Study Guides:

In a series of workshops, students read, write, critique and revise their own poetry and plays. The workshops engage students in discussion about the racial issues raised by No Lie, then help students use the written and spoken word to address these issues in their own lives.

No Lie Diversity Workshops will:

  • Engage students in a safe and honest dialogue about race, language, and difference.
  • Motivate students to use writing and performing to examine their personal experience within these general themes.

For more information about No Lie Diversity Workshops, or to see a sample study guide or lesson plan, contact

Quotes from Students, Parents, and Teachers:

No Lie, the cure for myopia, plays in every city like truth.”
-Adele Houston, CT parent and poetry slam host

“His poetry does an excellent job of capturing difficult issues. His ability to work well with diverse populations is also commendable.”
-Ngoma, NYC performance poet and teacher

“I have seen hundreds of people brought to tears and subsequently to their feet in joyful response to this young man’s writing.”
-Aleta Staton, New Haven, CT Education Department Arts Administrator

“It’s a piece that both students and faculty/staff will get miles of meaningful dialogue from.”
-Jaye Lindner, VT Governor’s Institute on the Arts staff

“… an innovative and wonderful 45-minute educational experience on racial diversity that was so well done I felt strongly that this presentation be brought to the Milford community, focusing primarily on our teenagers.”
-Sharon Foy Baird, Milford (CT) Arts Center

“Aaron Jafferis… gave a performance to our drama class on March 14th, 2001. Our drama class believes that the entire school should see it. The characters in the play done by one person have a lesson to share with us that we need to look at and discuss. We think the play would benefit everyone, one way or the other.”
-from a letter to their school principal by students at Hyde Leadership School

“This play was off the hook. This had a really good message to it… The personalities in this play are too real.”
-Josephine Ampley, CT high school student

“It was amazing how it came to life. The characters reminded me of my own experience growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut, then moving down here to New Haven. I saw a little of myself in Amy. It made me think a lot about my actions. All in all I loved it.
-Christina S. Colon, CT high school student

“One of the most creative and entertaining things I have ever seen in my life.”
-Tyron Bostic, CT high school student

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  • “Creative riches explode from one small, claustrophobic space in ‘Stuck Elevator,’ the extraordinary musical that... pack[s] an epic’s worth of inspired music and inspirational content, performances and design... A vibrant opera-musical theater hybrid with a story both personally compelling and eye-opening.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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