Blood Magic

Tari wants a mother. She wants a family. She wants love. All she has are other “bad kids” like her. No food in the kitchen, they make a meal out of nothing. No one to love them, they grow love inside themselves. Abandoned by their families, they band together to create their own. In this original hip hop opera, the true story of an amazing young woman inspires an exploration of the new, non-blood American family. As Tari and her friends struggle to break the mold their parents made for them, they learn the extraordinary power of our modern-day urban witch/magicians: theirs is the art of making something from nothing, magic from crap. Finally, Tari must find love and a mother in the most difficult place of all: herself.

  • “The invigorating, near-Shakespearean rap drama Kingdom... [is] innovatively intelligent…sobering, unflinching. The score is the first I’ve experienced to make a viable case for rap and hip-hop as theatre music… Jafferis and Williams are worthy musical inheritors of Shakespeare’s legacy.” –
  • About Aaron

    Aaron Jafferis is a hip hop poet and playwright. Read his bio, his CV, or contact him.