kingdom gold logoTeenagers learn to live while their bodies are breaking. Based on Aaron’s experience as writer-in-residence at a children’s hospital. A hip-hop play.

Two young men join an underground organization in search of family and respect, but ignite a bitter battle between ideals and survival that threatens to tear them apart. Hip hop / rock / Latin musical.
stuck elevator logo

An undocumented Chinese restaurant deliveryman tries to survive 81 hours trapped in an elevator.

Comic rap scrap metal opera.

blood magic logo
Tari’s family is a work of art. Art is the craft of making magic from crap. Family is the art of putting together pieces that were born apart.

Hip hop opera.
remix logoA hip-hop-loving teenage girl spars with Shakespeare’s women and finds herself in a verbal battle with the Bard himself.

One-act hip hop play.
no lie logo
A solo performer slips into the body and lyrical style of seven passengers involved in a racial confrontation on the crowded confines of a city bus.

One-act hip hop play.

  • “Creative riches explode from one small, claustrophobic space in ‘Stuck Elevator,’ the extraordinary musical that... pack[s] an epic’s worth of inspired music and inspirational content, performances and design... A vibrant opera-musical theater hybrid with a story both personally compelling and eye-opening.” – San Francisco Chronicle
  • About Aaron

    Aaron Jafferis is a hip hop poet and playwright. Read his bio, his CV, or contact him.