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The Kingdom of How to Break a Stuck Elevator: 2014

How to Break was showcased at the 2014 National Alliance for Musical Theatre festival in NYC.  Collective Consciousness’s production moved from New Haven (Oct 2013) to the hip-hop theatre festival SPKRBOX at the National Theatre of Norway (Mar 2014) to Hartbeat in 2015. If you’re a theatre that wants the freshest 5-person (total cast + musicans) musical […]
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I am not “busy.”

I’m doing a lot of things. “Busy” was my catch-all negative word, code for “overwhelmed,” or “the exasperating buzzing noise of many projects mobbing each other in my brain,” or even “the *&%$! reason I can’t hang out/do your project/eat.” Using the word “busy” made me feel “busy,” so I’ve stopped using it. Now I do […]
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2009 in review

Aaron and composer Byron Au Yong are 2009-2010 Artists-in-Residence at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU to develop STUCK ELEVATOR– including readings at the Museum of Chinese in America (September) and Pearl Studios (November). Oregon Shakespeare Festival mixes Shakespeare with hip hop theatre artists Rokafella, Rickerby Hinds, the Q brothers, Joe Hernandez-Kolski, Audra Polk, Christopher Edwards, […]
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2008 in review

THE HOSPITAL CHRONICLES, an original play created and performed by high school students at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT, culminates a semester-long collaboration between ECA students and teens living with chronic illness at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, facilitated by Aaron and video artist Laki Vazakas. KINGDOM receives 7 staged readings […]
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2007 in Review

Kingdom at 2007 NAMT festival. Aaron and Ian Williams’ hip hop / rock musical KINGDOM receives a 45-minute industry showcase reading at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s 19th annual Festival of New Musicals. Directed by José Zayas. Aaron named one of “50 to Watch” in The Dramatist. Collective Consciousness Theatre’s touring production of Shakespeare: […]
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  • “Critic’s Choice. With the raw spirit of the hard-hitting ‘Kingdom’... rap, Latin sounds and razor-edged rock tap into pure blasts of emotion, like a needle dropped straight on the brain. A bold step forward for the Globe.” – San Diego Union-Tribune
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