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Smooth Criminal sneak peek

Smooth Criminal is my new work-in-progress telling the story of a nerdy New Haven kid desperate to liberate his people – as soon as he can figure out who they are. Based on my almost-entirely-true-but-don’t-fact-check-with-my-parents life story, this sneak peak bumps and grinds New Haven’s race and class issues with my own. Directed by Will MacAdams. A benefit for […]
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Art Interrupting Injustice

CEIO’s latest Deeper Change forum explores Art Interrupting Injustice with performances and workshops by Hanifa Washington, Jason Dorsey, Lara Herscovitch and me. Hear just raps, poems, songs, theatre, and projects; make your own. Tuesday February 9, 9am-12pm or 9am-3pm @ 1253 Whitney Ave, Hamden. Register for free here.
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Hear Your Song

Hospitalized young people at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital created some wild songs and raps about diabetes, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other important topics with me and Hear Your Song (a group of Yale musicians); we will now perform them with wild abandon at the aptly named (and free) Hear Your Song Fest this Friday February […]
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I had a crush on 2015

2015 was a year of finally getting busy with some of my secret artist crushes. First I got to wear a one-piece soldier costume and fabulous hair in A Broken Umbrella Theatre’s collaboration with the Shubert Theatre, SEEN CHANGE. Then, Collective Consciousness Theatre brought How to Break, my hip-hop play about being ill, to Hartford […]
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The Kingdom of How to Break a Stuck Elevator: 2014

How to Break was showcased at the 2014 National Alliance for Musical Theatre festival in NYC.  Collective Consciousness’s production moved from New Haven (Oct 2013) to the hip-hop theatre festival SPKRBOX at the National Theatre of Norway (Mar 2014) to Hartbeat in 2015. If you’re a theatre that wants the freshest 5-person (total cast + musicans) musical […]
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THE WORD is growing

This year 100 students at 12 New Haven schools wrote original poems and raps published in a chapbook or performed at two Citywide Youth Poetry Jams. (Check out articles in the Independent, Register, and a special feature on Solar Youth poets, with videos!) They were helped by 3 poets-in-residence and 20 classroom teachers and organizers. […]
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  • “[Stuck Elevator] is a fascinating and compelling work that proves strong ideas can’t be contained in simple boxes... claustrophobic and expansive, intimate and existential, personal and political all at once.” – Variety
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