The Kingdom of How to Break a Stuck Elevator: 2014

How to Break was showcased at the 2014 National Alliance for Musical Theatre festival in NYC.  Collective Consciousness’s production moved from New Haven (Oct 2013) to the hip-hop theatre festival SPKRBOX at the National Theatre of Norway (Mar 2014) to Hartbeat in 2015. If you’re a theatre that wants the freshest 5-person (total cast + musicans) musical about a children’s hospital ever, you better ask somebody.

Kingdom was selected for the Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals in Issaquah, WA.

Stuck Elevator recently won two San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards, including Best Original Musical.

Untitled Prison Play: Thanks to my 2nd fellowship at the MacDowell Colony, I finally get to start working on my collaboration with Antonio Fernandez (formerly King Tone, Inca of the New York Latin Kings) about his time in prison.

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  • “[Stuck Elevator] is a fascinating and compelling work that proves strong ideas can’t be contained in simple boxes... claustrophobic and expansive, intimate and existential, personal and political all at once.” – Variety
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