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Word Coop cast 2014This year 100 students at 12 New Haven schools wrote original poems and raps published in a chapbook or performed at two Citywide Youth Poetry Jams. (Check out articles in the Independent, Register, and a special feature on Solar Youth poets, with videos!) They were helped by 3 poets-in-residence and 20 classroom teachers and organizers. If you were one of those who made it happen, thank you. If not, here’s how you can be down in 2014-15:

If you are a New Haven middle school or high school student poet, emcee or spoken word artist, contact me to be a part of next year’s Citywide Poetry Jam.

If you are a New Haven teacher excited about engaging students through poetry, hip-hop and spoken word, contact me: I have resources for you, and stuff to learn from you.

If you are a badass poet or emcee who wants to ignite a poetic renaissance in the New Haven Public Schools, where have you been all my life? Contact me.

If you want to help fund any of this, contact the Institute Library, and/or me.

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  • “The invigorating, near-Shakespearean rap drama Kingdom... [is] innovatively intelligent…sobering, unflinching. The score is the first I’ve experienced to make a viable case for rap and hip-hop as theatre music… Jafferis and Williams are worthy musical inheritors of Shakespeare’s legacy.” –
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    Aaron Jafferis is a hip hop poet and playwright. Read his bio, his CV, or contact him.