HOW TO BREAK is on a top-secret mission

Amber Reauchean Williams as Ana, by Benjamin Heller

After headlining the 2012 Hip-Hop Theater Festival at HERE in NYC, HOW TO BREAK came to New Haven in 2013 with Collective Consciousness Theatre and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital’s Arts for Healing Festival, which featured the art and poetry of 50 young patients living with chronic illness, and a new musical created by local teenagers with sickle cell disease. Afterwards, HOW TO BREAK was heard yelling something like “Yarrrr! This Arts for Healing Festival was so transformative I want to collaborate with children’s hospitals and theatres all over the country… no… the world!”

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STUCK ELEVATOR kick-starts comprehensive immigration reform in my brain

Me and Byron’s show is so ready to tour, the Variety review calls it a “ready-to-tour” title. Tour producer Thomas Kriegsmann / ArKtype is kicking butts and taking names of presenters bringing Stuck Elevator (and the NEFA National Theatre Project touring subsidy that comes with it) to their theatres in 2014-2016. Contact Tommy ( 917-386-5468) if you want to jump on the bandwagon tour of the critically-acclaimed ACT/Long Wharf/International Festival of Arts & Ideas version. Contact my agent Peregrine Whittlesey ( / 212-787-1802) if you love the show so much you have to create your own production and/or if you want practice saying “Peregrine Whittlesey.”

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The name of my new literary agent is Peregrine Whittlesey.

I know. It’s the coolest name of anyone I know personally who’s not an imaginary friend. Contact her if you’re a theatre interested in KINGDOM, STUCK ELEVATOR or HOW TO BREAK: / 212-787-1802.

P.S.- “Peregrine” means roving or traveling, and a Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world. What.PeregrineFalconNet

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HOW TO BREAK in NYC Oct 18-Nov 4

A brand-new creation by the Mixing Texts Collective (playwright Aaron Jafferis, breaking pioneers Kwikstep + Rokafella, beatboxers Adam Matta + Yako 440, indie rocker Rebecca Hart, director Christopher Edwards) and a dynamite team of actors and designers, HOW TO BREAK will bring its sick self to NYC this October 18 – November 4 with HERE and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival, in association with Collective Consciousness Theatre.

Check out the feature “Writing on the Paper of Hip Hop” on

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STUCK ELEVATOR premieres at A.C.T. in 2013


In the spirit of the beloved hit The Black Rider, A.C.T. is thrilled to continue the tradition of introducing eclectic, unforgettable musical projects to the stage with the world premiere of Stuck Elevator (April 4–28). A powerful and poignant hip-hop opera, Stuck Elevator is based on the true story of a Chinese restaurant deliveryman who was trapped in a Bronx elevator for 81 hours. Sounding the alarm will open the doors to freedom, but calling for help also means calling for attention—with dire consequences for this illegal immigrant. Stuck in limbo, he launches into poignant and hilarious hallucinations about his past, present, and future. Inventively staged by OBIE Award winner and internationally acclaimed artist Chay Yew, Stuck Elevator unleashes an evocative collision of stories, sounds, instruments, and ideas, from immigration and labor to familial obligation and fortune cookies.

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HOW TO BREAK in NYC this fall




HOW TO BREAK is being produced by two great NYC theatres – HERE and the Hip Hop Theater Festival – this fall. Auditions June 18-19. Workshop at the Hip Hop Theater Festival August 6-19. Limited engagement at HERE October 18-November 4, 2012. Check back here for times and tickets.

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  • “Critic’s Choice. With the raw spirit of the hard-hitting ‘Kingdom’... rap, Latin sounds and razor-edged rock tap into pure blasts of emotion, like a needle dropped straight on the brain. A bold step forward for the Globe.” – San Diego Union-Tribune
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    Aaron Jafferis is a hip hop poet and playwright. Read his bio, his CV, or contact him.